Lavorazione delle materie plastiche

In an 8,000 square meters facility at the detached site of Mornico al Serio (BG), ORMEPLAST has a large fleet of machines that can cover different molding needs: in the wake of the expansion planned for the year 2018 of our machine park with the insertion of a 2,000 ton press, in addition to several presses dedicated to bi-component molding, are currently running 10 injection presses, from 40 up to 1250 tons, a workshop equipped for maintenance and repair of molds as well as various workstations for finishing, packaging and quality control of finished product.

ORMEPLAST has also been able to consolidate the relationship with its Customers not only by serving the plastic injection molding sector but also by offering, as a reliable partner, the control service of all stages of product setup: from design to mold development, till the production of plastic articles and to the delivery of the assembled product. The customer base is made up of international companies and small, medium and large Italian companies, present in the most diverse fields of application using different materials such as crystalline, amorphous, Variously loaded and reinforced: PP, PPS, PA6, PA6.6, PVC, ABS, PP, PS, PC, POM; the careful selection of raw materials, the study of special mixtures, the use of polymers and stringent tests conducted in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9000 regulations guarantee the realization of products that are able to satisfy the demands of the most important Customers .

The Company is able to operate both in the automatic cycle (with the help of tapes and robots/manipulators), and in in semi-automatic mode, i.e. with staff on the press capable of controlling the production cycle step by step, both visually and with the appropriate instruments of measurement; in addition, ORMEPLAST is capable of performing all those operations of assembling and packaging that the variety of the produced articles may require.


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